Red Harvest Hoedown

Session 6

PCs: Jake DeLaure, John Dresden, Anton/Mortes, Francois Gabon

- On Monday, Anton and Dresden attend a lunch with Damian Byrne. Byrne offers to introduce Anton to Helen Pyre, head of the Pyre Talent Agency. He gives Anton an application to look over and advises him that he will arrange for Helen to be in the audience at the Old Absinthe House when Mortes sings on the Day of the Dead celebration. Byrne commiserates briefly with Dresden’s job situation and gives him his card. Byrne also suggests that he may have access to resources that could be a big help in their investigations, but tells them that they’ll need to be absolutely certain they’re in dire need before using those resources.
- The group meets up that evening and exchanges the information they’ve learned thus far. Dresden agrees to assist the group in their investigation of Gretz if they will help him look into his story on Violet de Valois’ murder.
- On Monday night, Anton meets a couple more ghosts of recently deceased entertainers. None of them are familiar with Pyre Talent or Damian Byrne, but they say that they can have someone over the following night who’ll be more likely to have knowledge of them.
- On Tuesday, the investigators go to meet Emma Ross at City Hall. Emma tells them that Gretz was there earlier in the day and was behaving strangely. She tells the group she will inform them as soon as he returns, which he’s likely to do in a couple of days.
- In researching Gretz’ record requests, the group discovers that all of the deeds Gretz reviewed were for properties acquired by Hellstromme Industries.
- That afternoon, Dresden visits the Yellow Sign bookstore and negotiates part time work with its owner, Matthew Sanderson.
- On Tuesday night, Jake receives a message from Lou Thomas, the owner of a small charter fishing business who used to work with Jake’s father and uncle from time to time. Thomas asks to meet with Jake as soon as possible.
- Jake and the rest of the group go to Thomas’ office and meet him there. Thomas tells them that someone got into his office (with no signs of forced entry) and left two items. The first item is a note that says, “The Night Court is coming for you. You have three days to repent.” The second item is a shriveled purple rose very much like the poisoned roses from Violet de Valois’ funeral.



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