Jacob DeLaure



Agility d6

Strength d6

Smarts d8

Spirit d6

Vigor d6

Charisma -2, Parry 5, Toughness 5, Pace 6"


Spellcasting d8

Fighting d6

Taunt d8 (+2)

Driving d4

Gambling d6

Notice d4

Stealth d6

Streetwise d4

Powers (Vice: Gambling)

  • Bolt: PP 1 per missile, Range: 12/24/48, Instant, 2d6 damage or single big bolt (PP2, 3d6 damage)
  • Blind: PP2-6, Range: 12/24/48, Instant, (2:Single Target, 4:MBT, 6:LBT, Agility -2 to avoid (-4 with raise), Effect: Shaken and -6 until they recover)
  • Numb: PP1, Range: Touch, 10 minutes, Alleviates 1 point of wound penalties (2 with raise)


  • Arcane Background (Grifter)
  • Moxie (+2 to Taunt, can use Taunt in place of Smarts or Spirit in Test of Wills)


  • Night Terrors (When he sleeps, Spirit roll or wakes Fatigued)
  • Smart Mouth (-2 Charisma, fond of wise cracks and poking fun)
  • Impulsive (Not overconfident, but doesn’t think things through totally)


Money: 14

Black Jack(1): Str+d4

Overcoat(3), Hat, Shirt, Pants, Sport Coat

2 decks of cards, Loaded Dice, Fair Dice,

Flashlight(3), Lighter, Wristwatch, Bottle of Whiskey(2), Duffel Bag(2) (wt 11)


Home: Riverfront/French Quarter

Worst Nightmare: Hiding in the closet while Uncle Jackson searches for me
Supernatural Encounter: Ghost of violently abusive dead Uncle Jackson DeLaure

Jake grew up in the French Quarter’s Riverfront district. His father and Uncle Jackson worked as dockworkers. His mother died of pneumonia when Jake was 3 years old. His father died four years later under “mysterious circumstances,” and Jake went to live with his Uncle Jackson, who abused him until he was 13. In a dream, Jake was approached by a Manatou, Joker Jack, who offered him the strength to kill his Uncle if he could beat him in a game of Pinochle. Jake won, and the Manatou granted him his power, along with an addiction to gambling. Jake then murders his Uncle with his power, and starts drifting across the CSA until the heat dies down. He recently returned from his journeys, and attempted to return to his family home. The place is derelict and abandoned, because apparently the bank can’t seem to keep anyone in the house for long. On the night Jake started squatting in the old house, Uncle Jackson’s ghost attacked him. After fighting off the ethereal bastard, Jake fled the house and is now staying in hotels on the waterfront, determined to rid the world of Jackson’s ghost before he spills the beans about how he died.

Jacob DeLaure

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