Red Harvest Hoedown

Session 5

PCs: Jake DeLaure, John Dresden, Anton/Mortes, Francois Gabon

- Jake and Lombardi play poker for the fate of Emma Ross. Jake wins. Lombardi releases Emma under the condition that the investigators will find Gretz. On the way to Anton’s house, Francois shows Emma the notebook from Gretz’ apartment, and she recognizes the series of numbers as index numbers for the city’s deed records.
- Dresden goes to the Yellow Sign Bookstore and does research until nightfall, attempting to discover what kinds of creatures would be able to pull off the murder of Violet de Valois. After finding a tome penned by members of an old gentleman’s club called The Explorer’s Society, he discovers that such a feat could perhaps have been accomplished by a ghost, a Harrowed, a Shadow creature or a Swarm Man.
- Jake, Anton and Francois return to Anton’s house, where Emma and Grant are reunited. Emma reveals that Gretz had been a bit distant with her lately, but that she does not know his whereabouts. After everyone else leaves, Lilly introduces Mortes to two of her deceased friends: Oscar Wilde and Scott Joplin, both of whom counsel him on the entertainment business before returning to their own amusements.
- At around midnight, Dresden goes to the shop of Madame Celine Pichette, a well-respected Mambo in the community and talks to her about de Valois’ murder. Madame Celine tells him that the murderer was probably either a Shadowfolk (a deceased individual who has become a type of Shadow creature) or a Revenant (a type of Harrowed that can be summoned and controlled to an extent). She also mentions that not long before her murder, de Valois was discovered to be the lost heir of Baron Simone LaCroix.
- The next day, Jake stops by Grant and Emma’s place asking for more information about Gretz. Emma says that when she returns to work tomorrow she can look up Gretz’ research requests and give them to Jake.
- Dresden checks public records and finds that Violet de Valois is descended from Gabriele de Valois, and that a recent amendment to the records shows that according to a church bible in the town of Manchac, Gabriele did have a son by Baron LaCroix whose name matches that of Violet’s father.



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