Red Harvest Hoedown

Session 4

PCs: Jake DeLaure, Anton/Mortes, Francois Gabon

- After leaving Sanzone’s, Dresden has gone off to do research, Jake goes on a buying spree and Mortes goes back to the Old Absinthe House to sing that evening.
- After a good performance, Mortes is greeted by Damian Byrne, who was in the audience. They set an appointment to have lunch the following Monday afternoon. Upon Mortes’ arrival at home, Lilly asks if she can come into the house to talk. She lets him know she has some deceased friends who might be interested in meeting Mortes and giving him advice and asks if she can have them over. Mortes agrees.
- The next morning, Jake finishes his buying spree by purchasing a used car. When he, Mortes and Francois meet up, they head over to Gretz’s apartment. The door opens to their knock. They enter and find the place in shambles – everything has been turned over, as though someone has searched the place and put nothing back. Looking around, they find an apron with the words “Blessed Rest Retirement Home” embroidered on it. They also find a notepad open to a page with multiple-digit numbers on it.
- As they are searching, two Black Hand thugs arrive at the apartment asking for Gretz. Upon being informed that Gretz isn’t in, they hand the investigators a note to give to Gretz and leave. The note reads, "You come to 413 Mandeville Street by 9 p.m. tomorrow night if you want to see the blond dame again. Bring the dough. If you snitch to the cops, we’ll know, so don’t get smart.”
- Jake, and then Mortes, call up the Blessed Rest Retirement Home from a pay phone and after annoying the nurse at the front desk, find that Gretz used to work there as an orderly, but was dismissed a few weeks ago. The nurse refuses to discuss any further details.
- The investigators spot a man in a cowboy hat sitting in a parked car nearby watching them. When they start to approach, he peels off into traffic. They attempt to pursue but lose him.
- Francois asks around the Marigny-Bywater area and finds the abandoned office building that matches the address on the note. A street urchin informs Francois that a few days ago he saw some men lead a young lady into the building against her will. Francois also notes that there is one light on in the building at a corner office and that there are a couple of cars parked in a nearby alleyway.
- Mortes calls Carmine Genna and after discussing what they’ve been working on, Carmine advises him that it turns out Angel Lombardi has been the one holding Emma Ross.
- The investigators go to the office building. Their knock is greeted by a couple of thugs. They ask to see Angel Lombardi, and are escorted into the corner office. There, they are greeted by the sight of Lombardi, several thugs (including Bruno Costa) and Emma, tied to a chair. Mortes attempts to negotiate Emma’s release, offering to find Gretz for them if they release Emma. Lombardi advises him that this is just business and that they can’t let Emma go until they get at least $2000 from Gretz.
- Jake tells Lombardi that Gretz isn’t going to pay his debt because he won’t really care what happens to Emma. Lombardi thinks on this and has to agree. He offers Jake a deal: if Jake can beat him in a poker game, they’ll do as Mortes has suggested and release Emma in exchange for letting them find Gretz. If Lombardi wins, Gretz’s debt transfers to Jake and they let Bruno go a few rounds with him. Influenced by the urging of the manitou whispering in his ear, Jake accepts the deal.



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