Red Harvest Hoedown

Session 3

PCs: Jake DeLaure, John Dresden, Anton/Mortes, Francois Gabon

- Patent Scientist Francois Gabon arrives. He accompanies Jake, Mortes and Dresden to Sanzone’s. At the entrance, Dresden pays the bouncer to forget he (Dresden) has been there. Unable to enter the main restaurant without a reservation, the investigators go into the bar.
- Mortes makes the acquaintance of Carmine Genna, an elderly bartender with connections to the Black Hand in general and Angel Lombardi in particular. Carmine is able to check on Mortes’ behalf and finds that some of the thugs hanging out in the bar have been tailing Will Gretz off and on in the recent past on account of his debts. He gets Gretz’s address from them and gives it to Mortes.
- Jake gets into a high-stakes card game with three of the Enforcers in the bar, the Costa brothers (Vito, Bruno and Giovanni). He cheats and ends up winning over $300 in cash, trinkets and IOUs from them. The brothers are not pleased about this but Jake is able to keep them calm enough to refrain from attacking him. At Carmine’s urging, the investigators leave the bar as quickly as possible.



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