Red Harvest Hoedown

Session 2

PCs: Jake DeLaure, John Dresden, Anton/Mortes

- Dresden investigates the scene of Violet de Valois’ murder and interviews the hotel staff and police involved in the investigation. He discovers little out of place besides a chill current running from the front door sill to the sofa on which the victim’s body was found.
- Jake goes hunting for mob contacts but instead ends up finding the Kroft House, a blues club frequented by police officers. After a few rounds of cards and meeting a few of New Orleans’ finest, Jake makes a hasty exit.
- Senior Mortes allows Grant Ross to stay at his home until Grant’s sister Emma is found. Mortes goes to visit his sister at City Hall the next day and speaks to Mary Adams, a clerk who had worked with Emma. Mary tells him Emma had started going out with a less-than-reputable seeming man named Will Gretz.
- That evening, the investigators gather at the Absinthe House to discuss their findings. After talking things over a bit, Jake is able to recall another place they might look for people involved with the Black Hand – Sanzone’s, a Sicilian restaurant located just a few blocks away.



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