Red Harvest Hoedown

Session 1 - Mayhem in Metairie

PCs: Jake DeLaure, John Dresden, Anton/Mortes, Mikeda


John Dresden
Staff Writer

The flower of New Orleans society turned out in droves yesterday to pay final respects to Violet de Valois, the brightest star in the Big Easy’s growing jazz scene, who died recently under circumstances that have roused the curiosity of all but the most jaded. Well-wishers included no less than captains of local industry Andrew Leonhart and Josh Thaler, but if our leading citizens expected a peaceful funeral, they were to be rudely disappointed.

Barely an hour into the somber ceremony, the routine rites were shattered by a devastating attack from an unknown assailant dressed in traditional clown attire who had circulated among guests to distribute purple flowers. It is said a rose by any name would smell as sweet, but these emitted a potent gas that sent many to the ground unconscious. Those who did not succumb to the gas succumbed to panic, and many were injured in the stampede to safety.

A contingent of New Orlean’s Finest, led from the front by Lieutenant Jules Townsend, quickly restored order thanks to the discipline of the officers and the serendipitous assistance of good Samaritans such as Jacob DeLaure and Senior Mortes. The cemetery was evacuated without further incident, and a quick survey confirmed that no one had been seriously wounded. Even “Silver Dollar” Sam Carolla and his personal chief of security, Claudio Ricci, emerged unscathed though they had been at ground zero of the attack.

Who was this curious clown? Interviews conducted in the aftermath of the mayhem revealed that he had not been part of the contingent hired for the wake. A few unidentified witnesses claimed to have seen him waiting in a funeral coach parked at the nearest entrance gate before the funeral, but if any saw him leave after his pernicious prank, none have come forward so far. For now, his motive remains as mysterious as his methodology.

Fact: regardless of what the public might believe regarding how Sam Carolla achieved his position of social prominence, he is nevertheless a very influential man. Fact: men such as he accumulate powerful enemies. Fact: Violet de Valois was well known to be a personal favorite of Sam Carolla, having been linked to him romantically. She is now dead, and her funeral was disrupted by an attack that could very easily have been deadly… but wasn’t. Is someone sending a message?

Too many questions and too few answers, but one thing seems clear: this young ingenue might have sang her last note, but this opera has yet to present its final act.



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